Chadwick Smith

Ph.D. 2012, New York University

Office Address: 19 University Place, Room 323

Office Hours: R 2-3, Fall 2016


Areas of Research/Interest: German literature after 1800; human rights; aesthetics; law and literature; political theory; science, technology, and society; and media Studies.

Fellowships/Honors: DAAD Research Grant (2008)

Select Publications:
“Bones of Contention: The Challenge of Kittler’s Recursive Histories,” in The Sirens Go Silent, Fordham University Press, forthcoming in 2014.

“’Inter, but not national’: Vilém Flusser and the Technologies of Exile,” in Escape to Life: German Intellectuals in New York, de Gruyter, 2011.

“The Butterfly and the Potato: Vilém Flusser and Design” in artUS, issue 26, 2009-1, 46-53.

Fidelity, Love, Eros: Walter Benjamin’s Life-Scienceby Sigrid Weigel for a collection of essays on Benjamin, entitled True to Walter Benjamin, edited by, Vivian Liska, Eckart Goebel, and Paul North, under review by Northwestern University Press.

The Science of Literature
by Helmut Müller-Sievers, in Paradigms: Literature and the Human Sciences, eds. Paul Fleming and Rüdiger Campe, forthcoming from de Gruyter, 2014.

Walter Benjamin: Images, the Creaturely, and the Holy
by Sigrid Weigel (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2013).

Current Projects:

Ei tierischer Mensch': The Case Study as Cultural Technique in Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck” [Article Manuscript]

The Failure of Human DignityVilém Flusser, Technical Barbarism, and the Necessity of a New Humanism 
[Book Manuscript]

Lettres de cachet: Anonymity and the Signature of Sovereignty in Goethe’s Die Natürliche Tochter” [Article Manuscript]

Unraveling Enlightenment: 19th-Century German Experiments with Human Rights 
[Book manuscript]

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