Christopher Wood

Professor of German; Department Chair
Ph.D. 1991, Harvard University; A.B. 1983, Harvard University

Office Address: 19 University Place, Room 334

Office Hours: T 11-1 & by appointment

Phone: 212-998-3768

Areas of Research/Interest: Temporalities of art: anachronism, archaism, typology, primitivisms; history of scholarship, esp. the disciplines of art history and archeology; folk art and folk literature; Märchen and Sagen; portraiture and especially “embedded” portraits (donors, votaries); votive objects and images, pilgrimages, relics; drawing and studio practice in the Renaissance; European art and the New World; art and replication technologies; magic and witchcraft in early modern Europe; art and the Protestant Reformation; iconoclasm; German art and culture in the 19th century; art and poetry of Romanticism.

Fellowships/Honors: Jacob Wendell Scholarship; Society of Fellows, Harvard University; American Academy in Rome; John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship; American Academy in Berlin; Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; Internationales Forschungszentrum für Kulturwissenschaften, Vienna. Susanne M. Glasscock Humanities Book Prize for Interdisciplinary Scholarship.

Select Publications:


With Alexander Nagel. Anachronic Renaissance. ZONE Books, 2010. (French translation, in press, Presses du réel)

Forgery, Replica, Fiction: Temporalities of German Renaissance Art. Chicago, 2008.

Ed. The Vienna School Reader:  Politics and Art Historical Method in the 1930s. ZONE Books, 2000.

Albrecht Altdorfer and the Origins of Landscape. London and Chicago, 1993.  (Revised edition, in press, 2013)

Recent articles:

"Allegory and Prophecy," in Klaus Krüger, Wolf Löhr, and Ulrike Tarnow, eds., Die Oberfläche der Zeichen. Bildallegorien der frühen Neuzeit in Italien und die Hermeneutik visueller Strukturen, Munich: Fink, forthcoming

“Wet/Dry,” special issue of RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics 63/64 Spring/Autumn 2013, guest editor.

Introduction, Alois Riegl, Late Roman Art Industry, French translation, Macula, 2013.

Preview of National Gallery of Art, Albrecht Dürer exhibition, Artforum, January 2013.

Interview with Horst Bredekamp, Art Bulletin 94 (2012): 515-27.

“La Bocca della Verità,” in Christoph Wagner and Oliver Jehle, eds., Albrecht Altdorfer: Kunst als zweite Natur, Regensburg: Schnell & Steiner, 2012, pp. 55-70.

“The Credulity Problem,” in The Age of the Antiquaries in Europe and China, 1400-1800, ed. Peter Miller and François Louis, University of Michigan Press, 2012, pp. 149-79.

“Aby Warburg, Homo victor,“ in Cahiers du Musée national d'art moderne 118 (2011/12) 81-101.

"Dromenon," in Common Knowledge 18 (2012): 106-16. (Special Issue on the Warburg Library)

"Envoi: Reception of the Classics," in Reception of the Classics:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Classical Tradition, ed. William Brockliss et al. (Cambridge University Press, 2012), pp. 163-73.

“The Votive Scenario,” RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics 59/60 (2011): 207-27.

"Wappenbuch des Konrad Peutinger," in: Bürgermacht und Bürgerpracht: Augsburger Ehren- und Familienbücher der Renaissance, exhibition catalogue, Maximilianmuseum Augsburg, 2011, pp. 168-69.

“Painting and Plurality,” Yearbook of Comparative Literature 56 (2010): 116-39.

"Roundtable on Globalization," ed. David Joselit, October 133 (Summer 2010): 3-19.

“Art History Reviewed VI: Ernst H. Gombrich, Art and Illusion," Burlington Magazine 151, December 2009, 836-39; reprinted in The Books That Shaped Art History, ed. Richard Shone and John-Paul Stonard (London: Thames and Hudson, 2013), 116-27.

"Eine Nachricht von Raffael," in: Öffnungen: Zur Theorie und Geschichte der Zeichnung, ed. Friedrich Teja Bach and Wolfram Pichler, (Munich: Fink, 2009), 109-37.

"When Attitudes Became Form" (on Michael Baxandall), Artforum, January 2009, 43-44.

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