Jacques Lezra

Professor of Comparative Literature, German
Ph.D. 1990, Yale

Phone: 212-998-8780

Areas of Research/Interest: Comparative literature and literary theory; Shakespeare; the literary and visual culture of Early Modern Europe. A specialist in the literary, visual and philosophical culture of the early modern period, also studies and publishes on contemporary political philosophy, psychoanalysis, and the theory and practices of translation.

Select Publications:
Lezra's books include Wild Materialism: The Ethic of Terror and the Modern Republic (2010; Spanish translationforthcoming in Spring 2011), Unspeakable Subjects: The Genealogy ofthe Event in Early Modern Europe (1997) and (as editor) Spanish Republic (2005) and Depositions: Althusser, Balibar, Macherey and the Labor of Reading (1988). With Georgina Dopico (NYU), he co-edited Sebastian de Covarrubias's 1613 Suplemento al 'Tesoro de la lengua'. His 1992 translation into Spanish of Paul de Man's Blindness and Insight won the PEN Critical Editions Award. Economía política del alma: El suceso cervantino, a collection of Jacques Lezra's essays on Cervantes, will appear in Spanish in Fall 2011.

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