Larry Wolff

Professor of History; Director, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies
Stanford University, PhD 1984

Office Address: King Juan Carlos Center, Room 322
Phone: 212-998-8615

Areas of Research/Interest: Eastern Europe, Poland, Habsburg Monarchy, Enlightenment, history of childhood

Fellowships/Honors: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected 2003; Guggenheim Fellowship, 2002-2003; International Research & Exchanges Travel Fellowships, 1997, 1999-2000, 2002-2003; Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation Grants, 1998, 2001; American Council of Learned Societies Fellowships, 1990 and 1996-97; Fulbright Fellowship, 1981-1982

Select Publications:
Paolina’s Innocence: Child Abuse in Casanova’s Venice. Stanford University Press, 2012.

The Idea of Galicia: History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture. Stanford University Press, 2010.

Venice and the Slavs: The Discovery of Dalmatia in the Age of Enlightenment. Stanford University Press, 2001; paperback edition, 2002. Rome: Il Veltro Editrice, 2006 (Venezia e gli Slavi).

Inventing Eastern Europe: The Map of Civilization on the Mind of the Enlightenment. Stanford University Press, 1994; paperback edition, 1996. Bucharest: Humanitas, 2000  (Inventarea Europei de Est). Moscow:  Historia Rossica, Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, 2003. Sofia: Kralitsa Mab, 2004. Kiev: Krytyka, 2009.

The Vatican and Poland in the Age of the Partitions: Diplomatic and Cultural Encounters at the Warsaw Nunciature. East European Monographs/Columbia University Press, 1988.

Postcards from the End of the World: Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna. New York: Atheneum, 1988. London: William Collins Sons, 1989.  Salzburg & Vienna:  Residenz Verlag, 1992 (Ansichtskarten vom Weltuntergang).  Tokyo:  Shobunsha, 1993.  paperback edition:  New York University Press, 1995.

Edited Volumes:

With Ed. Marco Cipolloni.
The Anthropology of the Enlightenment. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007.

Wayne Vucinich, with Ed. Larry Wolff.
Memoirs of My Childhood in Yugoslavia. Palo Alto: Society for the Promotion of Science and Scholarship, 2007.

With Ed. Serguei Karp.
Le Mirage russe au XVIIIe siècle. Ferney: Centre international d’étude du XVIIIe Siècle, 2001.   

Literary Edition (Pengiun Classics):
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.  Venus in Furs.  Introduction by Larry Wolff.    Translation by Joachim Neugroschel.  New York:  Penguin Classics, 2000.

“Nostalgia antropologica: Venezia e la Dalmazia,” in Nostalgia:  Memoria e passaggi tra le sponde dell’Adriatico, ed. Rolf Petri (Venice: Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani, 2010), pp. 107-122.

“Kennst du das Land? The Uncertainty of Galicia in the Age of Metternich and Fredro,” Slavic Review, Volume 67, Number 2 (Summer 2008), 277-300.

“Dalmatinische und italienische Reisen: Das Paradies der mediterannen Rückständigkeit,” in Der Süden:  Neue Perspektiven auf eine europäische Geschichtsregion, eds. Frithjof Benjamin Schenk & Martina Winkler (Frankfurt:  Campus Verlag, 2007), pp. 207-228.

“The Global Perspective of Enlightened Travelers:  Philosophic Geography from Siberia to the Pacific Ocean,” European Review of History/Revue Européenne d’histoire, Volume 13, Number 3 (September 2006), pp.  437-53.

“Depraved Inclinations:  Libertines and Children in Casanova’s Venice,” Eighteenth-Century StudiesVolume 38, Number 3 (Spring 2005), pp. 417-40. 

“The Spirit of 1776: Polish and Dalmatian Declarations of Philosophical Independence,” in History of the Literary Cultures of East-Central Europe: Junctures and Disjunctures in the 19th and 20th Centuries, eds. Marcel Cornis-Pope & John Neubauer (Amsterdam:  John Benjamins, 2004), pp. 294-306.

"Dynastic Conservatism and Poetic Violence in Fin-de-siècle Cracow:  The Habsburg Matrix of Polish Modernism,"  The American Historical Review, Vol. 106, No. 3 (June 2001), pp. 735-764.

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